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Welcome to our Web world,  our creator is a native Pennsylvanian from just outside of Pittsburgh. We hope you find this site, Fun, Up to date, Informative, and Easy to navigate (FUIE-phooey).

The Willow Pond is based in Phoenix Arizona.  I know what your thinking...how can such a plush and vibrant   paradise exist in a dry hot desert town!? Well that's the beauty of our medium, the WEB. The virtual world I am creating lives in a server where anything is possible. The creatures that inhabit this world are here to make your visit  more enjoyable. They are programmed to be Steelers fans and too love hockey also, so you’ll find links to their favorite sports teams from Pittsburgh and Phoenix. We have supplied guides to online shopping at some nice spots on the WEB, we hope you take advantage of them if you desire and ask that you remember to come back to us when you finish. Any proceeds that we may make as a result of your purchases will be put to good use restocking the POND. You also get linked to Local News from Phoenix and Pittsburgh Pa. Just use the fish links to get to the different "pads" on the pond. Think of yourself as a frog, and jump from pad to pad, don't worry about getting your feet wet! Like any web-site this is a work in progress and will improve in time, but I’m sure you’ll find it easy to get around the pond. But don’t worry about getting lost out there ‘cause I’ve got some guides hired to help get you around. For more on your guides just go to the Frog Call. OKAY, enough of the intro..it’s time to start skipping the POND!


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