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The beginning for these two guys is a vague story clouded in mystery. Sure they look innocent enough to the eyes, but believe me they’ve been around this pond more than once.

    I guess it all really started with those Budweiser commercials on TV that’s when they started demanding more attention and making noise around here. Not that this is a promotion or endorsement in any way, but those two frogs have been known to put back a few brews. They we’re always big hockey fans, but when BudIce became the official beer of the worlds coolest game they got carried away. And then with the introduction of the BUD Frogs they were over the top. It used to be you could never get ‘em to leave the Sports Pad.

    Trust me though, they are good guys you can count on. Plus they were the only ones to answer my ad. On occasion Ikes’ zeal for hockey may lead you to where he wants to be rather than where you should be going, but Sticky will always straighten him out. So anytime you want a quick way back to the Main Page just check with these guys (don’t worry about bothering them, they’re getting paid). The Pond is getting to be a pretty big place and there are a lot of people to run into. Don’t worry Ike and Sticky know everyone! They are all helpful although some are mischievous.

     Let me introduce you to one fellow we call ZeakZeakAny time you get with him he’s gonna try and take you to the Baseball Diamond. That’s because he spent all last year watching them build the Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix. I guess he’s going to be a Diamondback fan. I just know that he loves the heat! It’s hard to say where these other critters will take you today, just remember Ike and Sticky are the only guys on the payroll.

Check out some cool games and stuff from Excite down below. Go on, try your skills!





This is Rex, he's new to the Pond. Dont worry he's harmless. He usually just wanders around the Home Page.




Sticky will take you to the Back


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