From here we begin our journey of learning about the city we live in, and a city I used to live in. Once upon a time a small boy began his first job as a newspaper carrier for the Observer Reporter. As it turns out, twenty years later, the same paper the small boy used to deliver publishes a very nice version of itself on the w.w.w. I would like to give you all a chance to see it too. Just click the O.R.P. and you’re there!

Please remember who sent you because they don’t have a link back to me yet!

The older the boy got the more he noticed how large the world was. Why just 25 short miles up the highway was a very large city called Pittsburgh. Theirs was a paper called the Post Gazette, although the boy never carried that paper he found it very informative, and he liked the variety offered by the larger publication (especially the comics).

So I decided to give you a look at it also, Just click the POST, off ya go..

Welcome to that small boys future, which we also call the present. I’m newer to Phoenix than most people I know, so I guess the best thing to do is take a look at the local"goings on". A good place to start is one of the most informative papers in town, the Arizona Republic, to take a look click on the AZ ! You can also get to detailed information by clicking on my local button..

Check out EZAZ for Phoenix info.

Or go to the 'BURGH for local news.

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sky gallery

enter here to see the city sights, some by day and some by night..

A poet I am not, but you will find some nice pictures of Pittsburgh Pa. and

Phoenix,Az. I hope they inspire you to visit either city. They are both full of

exciting things to do and see, with major sports taking place year round including Hockey, Football and Baseball.



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